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Living Kiddush Hashem is on a
mission to educate every Jew
about who we are and what
that means.

ישראל אשר בך אתפאר

A People

We are different. Amidst an ever-changing outside world, we remain separate and strong as the Am Kadosh. It’s what makes us who we are. But, royalty also comes with responsibility, to those who are — and are not — like us. Because, we are different — to make a difference.

נקדש את שמך בעולם

Our Mission is to Spread
Our Nation's Mission

Living Kiddush Hashem is the first-and-only nonprofit, promoting awareness and education about the foundational mitzvah of bringing Kavod Shamayim to this world. Through school curricula, weekly emails, campaigns, and events, we hope to bring this topic front and center.


Living al Kiddush
Hashem is every
Jew's mission


Kiddush Hashem is raising the importance of Hashem in our eyes and the world, through everything we do. It means we intentionally choose His Will above all else, only for His honor.

למען דעת כל עמי הארץ כי ה הוא אלוקים

Our Purpose,
Our Priority

Kiddush Hashem relates to: 

  • Private & public settings
  • Bein adam l’makom & bein adam l’chaveiro
  • Our thought & behavior

While Kiddush Hashem is a mitzvah
of overarching importance, it is also
one that’s frequently misunderstood.


Not just a mitzvah,
a duty and opportunity

We live with collective and individual responsibility, understanding our power to constantly bring the world towards — or away from — holiness.


There's no small thing
in a great existence

We understand that this is not just about grand deeds that get published in the papers. Every action we do — or don’t do — whether seen by others or not, matters.


For Hashem,
not for them

We act the way halacha dictates, for Hashem’s honor, even if doing so is unpopular. It’s not about impressing or lecturing non-Jews or even combating anti-semitism, although those can be positive outcomes of our actions.


Different, not

We understand Torah and Derech Eretz are one. While we limit interactions with the outside world we treat all people, animals, and even properties with care and respect. We make efforts (within the realms of halacha) to foster understanding, good-will, and harmony. 

לתקן עולם במלכות שקי

our Mission

Real chinuch begins with our children. That’s why we invest in curricula for schools, yeshivos, seminaries, and camps. If you’re involved in the chinuch world and want to make an impact, bring our program to your students and watch the transformation.

The impact

Our program is
currently learned