Get Involved


Each one of us can be that inspiring Jew who gives hope and vision to all who see us.


Join or lead a group learning the Hebrew or English Kiddush Hashem books.

Women volunteers who are passionate about spreading Kiddush Hashem awareness form chaburos in their cities to learn the English books (Living Kiddush Hashem or A life Worth Living). Option to conduct the chabura as a group or over the phone. The Foundation provides the at a discounted rate.

Men who are passionate about spreading Kiddush Hashem awareness can also form a chabura to learn the sefer Mekadshei Shemecha. The Foundation provides the seforim at a discounted rate. The leader of the Vaad is provided with the English books as well.


Beis Medrash / Kollel Initiative

Bring the sefer Mekadshei Shemecha to your yeshiva or kollel.

Yeshiva, Bais Yaakov High Schools and Seminary Initiative

Are you a maggid shiur in Yeshiva who is interested in integrating Kiddush Hashem into your mussar shmuessin?

Are you a Bais Yaakov or seminary teacher who is passionate about Kiddush Hashem?

Do you want to be an ambassador of the kiddush Hashem program and teach the materials in many high schools as a long term substitute?

Would you like to create a school wide theme, shabbaton, or yom iyun on the topic of Kiddush Hashem?

Join the movement - We will provide you with all of the materials that you will need to succeed.